NEVER be forced to turn a potential client away again


How clusivi works for you:

once your client has selected a procedure to have performed…

  • Your client activates their personal CLUSIVI account with a downpayment that equates to 10% of the full cost of the procedure.

    • The 10% downpayment is non-refundable and covers CLUSIVI’s fee

    • The downpayment also serves as a demonstration of your client’s commitment to purchasing exclusively from YOU

  • Your client sets their payment schedule, which is not to exceed 24 months

  • All payments (minus the 10% downpayment) made by your client immediately get transferred into an escrow account—you won’t have deal with any collection- or account-management headaches.

  • Once your client has reached 85% of the full price of their procedure, the funds will be transferred from escrow to you.

  • At this 85% threshold, we ask that you initiate your client’s procedure: this measure of “good faith” incentivizes your client to complete the remainder of their scheduled payments.

CLUSIVI’s unique system empowers you to treat everyone who desires your services without costing your practice additional time, money or resources.

*CLUSIVI does not conduct a credit check or charge interest to the client


Why would i want to partner with clusivi?

  • ZERO upfront cost to your practice

  • Ability to offer a third payment option (in addition to cash and credit)

  • Monetize every free consultation and create a limitless pipeline

  • Recession-proof

  • Price stability of your services

CLUSIVI helps you cultivate sincere and genuine goodwill with potential buyers by demonstrating that you value EVERY person that comes to you…not just those flush with cash or credit.


what if i already use carecredit?

CLUSIVI is not looking to replace CareCredit: We know that cash and credit are preferred forms of payment.

We also know that CareCredit receives about 12,000 applications daily.

When CareCredit rejects YOUR prospective patient’s application, it’s inconsequential to THEIR bottom line.

But it certainly matters to YOU.

After all, YOU invested your own money to get those potential clients through your door by offering free consultations and spending on advertising.

CLUSIVI can help you capture and retain your potential customers whom you would otherwise lose due to being rejected by CareCredit.

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 9.44.30 AM.png


You absolutely could!

But do you really want the burden of spending the time, money and resources (on setup, status management, collection, refunds, etc.), while delegating all of those responsibilities to a staff that is already stretched thin?

CLUSIVI’s software platform will manage the entire process for you.

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 10.08.58 AM.png

but i’ll have to give up 10% up front and then trust that I will receive the remaining 15% (because my client will qualify to have their procedure done at 85% of the total price of the procedure)?

Let’s take a look at the numbers…

CLUSIVI's 10% fee is less than and/or on par with the upfront 10% (or more) that you pay to CareCredit.

Moreover, risking the 15% is a much lower cost to you than the administrative manpower it would take to run a program like this on your own.

75% of ZERO new patients (because they can’t afford your services) is zero.

75% of your non-discounted price x capturing MORE patients = $$$$ for your practice.

With CLUSIVI, you also gain the intangible benefits of engendering the loyalty of highly-motivated customers who want YOU to perform their procedure—regardless of price—as opposed to letting them walk away because of limited payment options.

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CLUSIVI gives you the opportunity turn every potential customer into a committed customer by eliminating price as an objection/barrier to accessing your services.


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